“It Felt Like She Ripped Our Hearts Out – The Most Disrespectful Thing I’ve Ever Seen”



“It Felt Like She Ripped Our Hearts Out – The Most Disrespectful Thing I’ve Ever Seen” – Trump SOTU Guest Describes Reaction to Pelosi Ripping Up Speech (VIDEO)

Last night President Trump invited Jody Jones as a guest of honor to his third State of the Union Address.

According to the White House press release prior to President Trump’s address–

Jody Jones from Farmersville, California: On December 17, 2018, Jody’s brother, Rocky Jones, was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in Tulare County, California. The criminal alien who committed this brutal murder had previously been arrested for violent crimes and had twice been deported. The criminal alien was arrested in December 2018 for the sixth time, but because of California’s sanctuary state policy, he was released from jail. A few days later, he went on a 24-hour “reign of terror,” injuring several people, robbing a gas station, leading law enforcement on a high-speed chase, and killing 51-year old Rocky, who was known as a kind and gentle soul.

This morning Jody Jones was asked about Speaker Pelosi’s actions last night and her shredding of President Trump’s speech.

Jody Jones had this to say, “It felt like she ripped our hearts out. Everybody there, all the guests, we couldn’t believe it. Look, I don’t care how you feel about somebody. That was probably the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Because when she did that it tore us up.”

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