“Transgender Equality is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time”



In a tweet, Joe Biden said that the fight for transgender rights is “the civil rights issue of our time,” and there is “no room for compromise.”

“No Compromise on Basic Human Rights”

As polls show Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders are neck and neck ahead of the crucial Iowa Democratic caucuses, the former Vice President has tried to tack towards appeasing the social justice left, who are mostly backing Sanders. In a tweet, Biden wrote that “transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time,” adding, that there is “no room for compromise when it comes to basic human rights.”

Surely this would illicit vast amounts of praise from the left, showing just how woke and progressive he is now? Well yes and no.

He did receive some slight praise as expected, but what his tweet really served to do was expose the fracture that is going on right now within the Democrats. “Gender-critical” feminists and members of the LGB community have started to come out against transgenderism, claiming it infringes on their rights and is harmful to their community.

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The feminists note that transgender women are destroying biological females in competitive sports, and making them feel unsafe in bathrooms and changing rooms, while gays and lesbians are arguing that many “transgender” kids are simply gay, and are being pushed into transgenderism by doctors, schools and parents. Many of them informed Biden of this in replies to his tweet.

Is Biden Jumping on the Transgender Bandwagon?

Ironically, many of those who do suppport transgender individuals simply didn’t believe Biden, pointing to his past voting record on gay rights and other LGBT issues, suggesting that this was all simply a ploy to gain votes.

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I would tend to agree. The timing of the announcement is rather suspect, especially as Sanders is starting to pull ahead of Biden in Iowa and national polls. I think he and his team have realised they need to coax some of the social justice left to his side in order to pull ahead. I don’t think Sleepy Joe even knows what transgenderism is!


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