Rep. Matt Gaetz Reveals What Went Down At Camp David With President Trump

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The relationship between the U.S and China is the most important thing in the news; it is the most crucial challenge of our generation.

On Monday, Rep. Matt Gaetz published the discussion with GOP congressional allies and President Donald Trump at Camp David. The dialogue was centered on funding the World Health Organization (WHO) and foreseeable regulations for Chinese technology companies.

The President may have had advisors that desired to restore the funding for the World Health Organization partially. Still, according to the dialogue, President Donald Trump doesn’t consider the possibility of happening.

The polls will be of excellent service if anyone wishes to witness the soft sleazy, corrupt underbelly of the Chinese relationship with the United States.

Joe Biden’s China-man and Barrack Obama’s China Ambassador Max Baucus has recently been quoted by Chinese press stating, “Biden won’t criticize China as much,” who is Max Baucus? What legislative and policy choices must we make concerning how our leader should interact when China is our most potent economic competitor?

China is not our competitor; they are the enemy. 

If the youth are going to lead the world in America, we’ve got to be prepared to face the difficulties that China will introduce to the United States in the foreseeable future. A particular business framework to how a politician in both parties banks in on the backs of foreign governments, defending for foreign governments.

We are not in a cooperative position with China; we are in a competitive situation with China.

A senator on the payroll of the Chinese communist government and their various government, corporate, and education subsidiaries are damaging to our country.

It’s one of many reasons why Congressman Mike Gallagher and Matt Gaetz have endorsed legislation to ban Congress members’ ability to serve as pawns of foreign governments after they’ve finished their service. 

Max Baucus is expanding influence in the United States of America, having the ability to bank in volatile relationships and possibly even be in the government after being employed by one of our nation’s enemies.

“One of the indicators that members of Congress participate in this deceitful act is by setting up a non-profit like the Baucus Institute in the University of Montana, which receives funds from Chinese companies, educational institutions, entities for these joint ventures.” according to Rep. Gaetz.

This is not for the benefit of our country, Baucus Institute takes cash from entities that are linked to China not to ensure that America will do better, but to ensure china to do better. 

“These times that we are in do not call for treatment of China with kid gloves,” Gaetz concluded. “We need confrontational leadership, and President Trump is prepared to provide that bold leadership.”

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jack schmidt

china is the beginning of the end for us if we don’t start to produce more products here in the states . they lie and are in the back pockets of Pelosi , Obama , Shiff and Schumer . we have a country that believes in our rights and we will NOT give those up PERIOD>

Laura Wagner

You forgot to mention Biden and Killary. Both of these corrupt politicians would sell out their own mothers for enough cash, let alone their country.


Understandable you don’t want to buy Chinese and other countries’s products. Then why they would buy yours. Then you can produce enough for yourself and eventually you will diminish and become nobody. Every action has pluses and minuses choice is yours. Are you trying to fool people? They are smart than you give them credit. I dare you to abandon China.

They would want to buy American because of higher quality and competitive pricing via balance of trade rules.


The US is in direct competition with China, therefore WE MUST PRODUCE OUR CRITICAL PRODUCTS HERE AND not rely on China or we lose our freedoms.