They Want to Blow Up! Mt. Rushmore!

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The initiative to blast Mount Rushmore by the far-lest has been unnoticed, receiving minimal attention. As engraved memorial figures that honor the Founding Fathers of America continue to crumble after countless days of domestic terrorism advancement fueled by the death of George Floyd, we should be alerted. 

In South Dakota, Black Hills, where Mount Rushmore rests, might be targetted by the rampaging far-left savages. 

Ben Shapiro, a recognized pundit, posted a question Twitter: 

“So, when is our woke historical revisionist priesthood going to insist on blowing up Mount Rushmore?”

Kristi Noem, the current Governor of South Dakota, responded:

“Not on my watch.”

Meghan McCain, The View’s conservative co-host, broke her silence by tweeting: 

“We’re like one week removed from entire cable news panels debating whether or not we should blow up Mount Rushmore.”

Even if it seems that Meghan McCain and Ben Shapiro’s sentiments were sarcastic and folly, the threat that the domestic-terrorism could spillover Mount Rushmore isn’t too far fetched. Keep in mind that the statues of the Founding Fathers (Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington)— had been marked into the Mountain had either been slated or toppled for removal — peacefully or not — in the U.S in recent days. 

Mobs in Portland tarnished statues of Presidents Thomas Jefferson and George Washington over the previous weeks. In New York City, May Bill de Blasio declared over the weekend that the monument of President Theodore Roosevelt would be detached from the facade of the American Museum of Natural History at the museum’s request. 

Mobbers had pledged to destroy the Emancipation Memorial in Washington, D.C., which displays President Abraham Lincoln and a freed slave, while Boston is contemplating about removing another statue featuring Lincoln.

Governor Noem said to Fox & Friends that online accounts pose a danger for Mount Rushmore: “This threat to the mountain could remain in place for quite some time,” but vowed, “we’re prepared to be there and be diligent about protecting it.”

The governor posted a portion of her interview with the outlet on Twitter with the message, “The men on Mt. Rushmore helped make America the greatest country in history. They weren’t perfect; nobody is. But we should learn from their example and work together to accomplish their dreams for our country.”

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I saw MT. Rushmore several times in the last three years of construction. I have visited it 6 or more times in the years that followed. We won’t have a USA any more if the President does NOT stop ALL of this b— s— and get them in prison. This whole thing is to take over the US and they are doing a real job of it yet to this day. STOP IT NOW !!!!!! If they need help, even though I am 85, I can still shot and take prisoners just as good as I did when I spent… Read more »



William Y Lee

Noen South Dakota governor is a rising political star. Qualified for a high national political office. A rare honest capable impartial politician. William Y lee

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Save the things that remind you of how we got to this point, when our next monument is destroyed by vandals, remember you did nothing to stop it.


We are being attacked from within and our history is being destroyed! Look at the many years of work and sacrifice that may be destroyed because of a few people! Whatever happened to majority rule? Destroy history, art and our way of life and we will be destroyed as a nation! Wake up America!


mount rusgore is a national monument and shoud be left alone i spent 13 yrs in army and am a pretty good shot maybe theirs homes should be destroyesc and see how they like it even something they sherish the monument is our heritage een the statues of robert e lee is a part of our heritage even though it was a bad part they should be oeft alone to remind us not to go through it again 0

I’d like to know how the BLM/Antifa one brain celled idiots are going to pull this off. I’ve been to Mt. Rushmore and in order to place explosive charges a person would have to have mountain climbing skills. I doubt if anyone in BLM/Antifa has enough skill to climb a step ladder. But maybe a few of those dead brain fools will try it and fall to their deaths. We can only hope.

Sidney hardman

all four were (still ) inspire racism so blow the piece of shit away. its easy to replace it with better people possibly one of each nationaility