Trump Will Sell Alaska To Russia If We Don’t Impeach Him

Trump Will Sell Alaska To Russia If We Don’t Impeach Him


Lead House Impeachment Manager Congressman Adam Schiff of California claimed during closing arguments in the Senate impeachment trial Monday that President Donald Trump will sell a U.S. state to the Russian government if not removed from office.

If “abuse of power” was not impeachable, Schiff argued, “then a whole range of utterly unacceptable conduct in a president would now be beyond reach.”

“Trump could offer Alaska to the Russians in exchange for support in the next election, or decide to move to Mar-A-Lago permanently and leave Jared Kushner to run the country, delegating to him the decision whether they go to war.”

Schiff’s fearmongering of consequences conceived in pure fantasy come as the impeachment case against Trump officially collapsed on Friday after the Senate declined to hear new witnesses testify at the trial.

A vote on the president’s acquittal is now expected to come on Wednesday, exonerating the president of the three-and-a-half year impeachment effort launched by the Democrats even before Trump took office in 2017.

House Democrats launched an impeachment probe in September after an anonymous whistleblower complained that Trump was using the power of the Oval Office to extract concessions from foreign leaders, a common practice among American presidents.

The whistleblower complaint however, alleged Trump was conspiring with the Ukrainian president to interfere in the next election in exchange for nearly $400 million in military aid that was ultimately released to the Ukrainian government despite no investigations that Democrats have charged Trump with demanding.

Democrats however, rushed impeachment proceedings in the House to vote on two articles of impeachment the week of Christmas. By a partisan vote, the House voted to send two articles to the Senate accusing Trump of “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress,” with two Democrats joining Republicans united in opposition and Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard voting present.

Now as the Senate impeachment trial finally concludes without new witnesses as Democrats begged, Trump’s acquittal this week is almost certain.


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Malcolm Miyasato

Shitty Schiff is INSANE, he needs to be removed from any position of power!

David R Smith

The democrat delusion just gets more and more strange.

Juan Rodriguez

Seriously folks, is there NO END, to the delusions these democrats will stoop to. It’s time to put an end to all the distractions from these sore losers. They act like spoiled brats, throwing tantrums, because they didn’t get their way. Term Limits is the only way..


Schiff has definitely lost his ability to be rational. How he can make up stuff like he has and still be considered a viable representative for our government just shows you how bad the swamp is.

There are manifestations of the Holy Spirit that can overcome those manifestations of Satan. It is obvious from whence comes the utterances of the DemonicRat party. These people need prayed for, not just badly spoken about as is how they operate. Don’t give credibility to how they speak by copying it.

Michael Morgan

Where does this idiot come up with this crap?…..Wasn’t he recently complaining that Trump was going to BUY Greenland?……. Seward bought Alaska from Russia in 1867 in the Andrew Johnson administration……………..the guy impeached before Clinton didn’t he, and they called it “Seward’s Folly…………………”. I’d like to see this guy in a straight jacket……………….before he hurts himself.


The whole Democratic Party has gone insane! They are threatening to start another impeachment process if this one doesn’t work. And then there’s Bernie! And his looney toons followers, AOC and crew! If every Republican does not make the effort to go Vote in November this country is doomed! If Sanders or Biden’s party gets control then we will have a civil war.


Its a shame that you can’t lock up people like Don Lemon and Adam Schiff for stupidity. But then you would have to lock up every liberal in the United States so it won’t work. So lets ship them to IRAN, where they would be able to run things their way. LOL


“Shitiffty” Schiff needs to be put away to somewhere he can’t escape from, like a hole in the ground!! This is beyond a doubt the prime example of a “MUTANT HUMAN BEING,” and that’s being kind!!!