Trump’s Press Secretary, Destroys Media With Truth-Bomb

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Kayleigh McEnany Born18 April 1988 (age 32 years), Tampa, Florida, the United States from the Republican party may seem like fresh meat for the Republican press, but this brave and intelligent secretary will knock your boots off!

Her latest actions against the Washington media made it seem like she’s putting her best foot forward every day as she receives an enormous amount of positive reviews from American Citizens sick of watching the media outlets making President Donald Trump look unfit as a President. 

A press secretary is famous for having the enduring willingness to deal with pundit correspondents -however, President Donald Trump’s secretary McEnany doesn’t run away from dealing with the news outlets.

McEnany’s demonstration on Friends and Fox News is the evidence.

In the conclusion of the interview discussing issues concerning previous Vice President Joe Biden, China trade talks, the secretary was pressed regarding a query the President got from a reporter in Rose Garden.

A CBS News, White House correspondent, asked President Donald Trump if the administration had taken action in mass testing in The United States even though citizens are still losing their lives every day.

President Donald Trump claimed that “lives are being lost all over the world, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic,” then told the correspondent to “Ask China.”

The scenario sparked criticism from leftist media outlets, making a scene wherein President Trump made an inappropriate ethnic slur towards the Asian correspondent. 

Rather than answering the correspondent’s question, President Trump explained that he was posturing the answer in general terms. He concluded the news conference promptly.

Brian Kilmeade, the host of Fox & Friends, questioned the secretary McEnany regarding the issue last Tuesday.

“Do you want to expand on that?” he pressed. “I guess she was saying that maybe the President was saying that because she’s Asian. Did that figure into that at all?”

McEnany’s Justification

“No, that’s a ridiculous assertion,” she said. “But what I would note is, leave it to members of the White House press corps to make it about them, to take a question, to turn around and somehow say, ‘How dare you to ask this of me, me, me, me?.’

“Well, guess what? It’s not about ‘me.’ This is about the American people.

“President Trump says, ask China about this, ask China about the fact that they slow-walked information, that alongside the World Health Organization that American lives were put at risk. China has some real questions to answer here. But leave it [to the White House press corps to make it about themselves.”

Given the growing tension between the Washington media- a lapdog of the Obama administration, and President Trump- makes it unfeasible for any White House secretary to be in good relation with the “corresspundits.”

This is the type of bravery McEnany displayed in a previous briefing week, McEnany destroys a baiting nonsensical query concerning the embarrassment of the Washington Media corps. 

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She is good. Keep it up

She is very smart. Does good job. Keep it up!

joe` kiack

how anyone would defend trump is beyond belief this 3-time draft dodger tax dodger child molesting rapist is just EVIL. he’s a thief lier and fraud

marco mack

Right! And Joe Biden (or his immediate successor vice president) would be a better choice. Where do you get your information?


Ohhhh gee! I didn’t realize? Sooo….evidence?
Or is your opinion just your own buttwipe on your own fingers? hmmm….you stink.

Did two times already


Acosta pontificating his grandios…Geez…these are actors! Camera hogs! News whores! Allowed public aire time and paid to suck it. The truth, journalism, the event, the story, not even on the page. Just a vulgar buttwipe of liberal democrats. Yuk!


I wish everybody could be as strong under Trump as Kayleigh is. I hope she enjoys another 13 years, five more for Trump and 8 under Pence. Go get them Keyleigh!!! We all enjoy watching you tell the truth!!!

Also, I think Trump should get an extra term. For all the lies and deceitfulness the media and the Democrats have put him through. He is one of the toughest human beings to ever walk the earth


This is a tally to see how many Americans can be BOUGHT OFF! Free gift my ASS!